Teaching method

dvlp2mc  2019-2020  Louvain-la-Neuve

More than ever in the decades to come, dealing with problems of development in societies in both Northern and Southern hemisphere will require expertise in different sectors and analysis of local realities, in all their complexity and diversity, to be combined with an ability to take anoverview of the interaction between local realities and global dynamics. In this respect, the programme offers supervision by research teams which have both practical experience in the field and the desire to put their actions in the context of the challenges provided by the changes which are under way. They consider their impact on the different kinds of development of society and the living conditions of populations in an environment which is sustainable in the long term.  

Students from developing countries work in groups with their colleagues from the Northern hemisphere both for general courses and seminars. The student groups are usually mixed (North-South), which encourages a valuable exchange of views for all concerned.

The special subjects cover current situations in the Northern and Southern hemispheres which are dealt with in a comparative way and which can shed light on one another: the exchange is beneficial in both directions.