Supplementary classes

dats2m  2019-2020  Louvain-la-Neuve

To enrol for this Masters, the student must have a good command of certain subjects. If this is not the case, they must add preparatory modules to their Master’s programme.

To access to this Master's degree, the student has to master a minimum of preliminary skills in mathematics, programming, algorithmic and probability-statistics. If it is not the case, additional teachings must be added to his program. He can nevertheless include a maximum of 10 of these credits in the prerequisite module planned in the common-core syllabus of the Master's degree.

Students who do not have a B1 level in English (level obtained at UCLouvain) must take the LANGL1330 ( English course. A dispensatory test is organized at the beginning of the academic year.

The student is invited to meet the program advisor to decide which courses should be followed. The restricted jury must next approve his program.

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Optionnal Mathématique - Analyse et algèbre linéaire

Each of the following three modules allows acquiring similar skills:  

Optionnal Module 1
Mandatory LINFO1111 Analysis   Abdou Kouider Ben-Naoum
45h+37.5h  7 credits 1q
Mandatory LINFO1112 Algebra   Christophe Craeye
, Thomas Peters
30h+30h  5 credits 2q
Optionnal Module 2
Mandatory LINGE1114 Mathematics I: analysis   Pascal Lambrechts
, Jean Van Schaftingen
, Vincent Wertz
30h+30h  5 credits 1q
Mandatory LINGE1121 Mathematics II: algebra and matrix calculus   Tom Claeys
30h+30h  5 credits 2q
Optionnal Module 3
Mandatory LMAT1101 Mathematics 1   Pedro Dos Santos Santana Forte Vaz
30h+20h  4 credits 1q
Mandatory LMAT1102 Mathematics 2   Julien Federinov (compensates Augusto Ponce)
, Augusto Ponce
30h+30h  4 credits 2q
Optionnal Probabilités et Statistique

Each of the following four modules allows acquiring similar skills:  

Optionnal Module 1
Mandatory LSTAT2012 Probabilités: Concepts de base pour l'analyse statistique   Eugen Pircalabelu
15h+15h  3 credits 1q
Mandatory LSTAT2013 Concepts de base en statistique inférentielle   Eugen Pircalabelu
15h+15h  3 credits 1q
Optionnal Module 2
Mandatory LBIR1212 Probabilities and statistics (I)   Patrick Bogaert
30h+15h  4 credits 1q
Mandatory LBIR1315 Probability and statistics II   Patrick Bogaert
22.5h+22.5h  3 credits 1q
Optionnal Module 3
Mandatory LINGE1113 Probability   Aurélie Bertrand (compensates Johan Segers)
, Johan Segers
30h+15h  4 credits 2q
Mandatory LINGE1214 Further Statistics   Christian Hafner
30h+15h  4 credits 1q
Optionnal Module 4
Mandatory LMAT1271 Calculation of probability and statistical analysis   Mickaël De Backer (compensates Rainer von Sachs)
, Rainer von Sachs
30h+30h  6 credits 2q
Optionnal Programmation et informatique

The student must acquire the skills related to these three courses:  

Optionnal LINFO1101 Introduction à la programmation   Kim Mens
, Siegfried Nijssen
, Charles Pecheur
30h+30h  5 credits 1q
Optionnal LEPL1402 Informatique 2   Ramin Sadre
, Pierre Schaus
30h+30h  5 credits 1q
Optionnal LINFO1225 Conception orientée objet et gestion de données   Kim Mens
30h+30h  5 credits 2q
Optionnal Other EU to be determined with the Study Advisor

Depending on his / her previous academic background, the student (in consultation with the study advisor) can add other UEs in order to acquire the necessary prerequisites for the program.