Master [120] in Criminology

crim2m  2019-2020  Louvain-la-Neuve

At Louvain-la-Neuve - 120 credits - 2 years - Customized schedule - In french
Dissertation/Graduation Project : YES - Internship : YES
Activities in English: NO - Activities in other languages : NO
Activities on other sites : NO
Main study domain : Criminologie
Organized by: Faculté de droit et de criminologie (DRT)
Programme acronym: CRIM2M - Francophone Certification Framework: 7


The School of Criminology provides specialized multidisciplinary training which allows to understand crime in all its complexity. The training focuses on several disciplinary areas: criminal law and criminal practices; psychological processes involved in the transition to the crime; social factors acting out and social mechanisms of creation of criminal law and the conditions of its application; study of human behavior in its interaction with biological, social and psychological dimensions.

Your profil

  • Are you interested in issues of deviance;
  • you plan to perform duties in the field of prevention and repression of crime;
  • you place the individual at the center of your concerns and you want to be socially useful;
  • you are looking for a training that prepares you for the response on the ground.

Your futur job

Fields of action of the criminologist are:

  • the Fonts (federal and local) and prisons;
  • the youth welfare: social service courts, facilities for children in care teams in the community, etc.;
  • the prevention services created under security contracts and society;
  • the Mental Health and Addiction;
  • the social assistance to individuals (remand prisoners, detainees, victims, etc..) in the homes of justice in victim services, etc.;
  • the research.
Your programme

The master offers:

  • an interdisciplinary approach to deviance from the norm (sociology, law, psychology and biology);
  • a specialized training in legal matters in connection with the crime and the penalty;
  • an applied learning intervention: Maintenance behaviors, conflict management and crisis situations, etc.;
  • extensive methodological tools;
  • an internship in the field;
  • the possibility of a part of your master abroad.

The Master in Criminology offers a Professional focus "criminology of the intervention" and a Research focus.