Programme structure

gnuc2mc  2018-2019 

This program comprises a core curricululum of 56 credits and 4 complementary credits to be chosen from the advanced seminars, the organisation of which varies from year to year in function of the high level scientific skills present at the Research Centre in Mol. By way of example, the following seminars were organised in recent years:


- Advanced seminar on accelerators and time of flight experiments
- Radioisotopes
- Safeguards

- Nuclear energy, future prospects

- Electricity, energy vector of the future

- Recycling of previously radioactive material
- Emergency Planning
- Experience with full scale MCNP modeling of research reactors
- Minimising waste production in a complex nuclear center : from conception to the decommissioning, the SCK.CEN reference case.


This program is set out in detail on the website of SCK.CEN à Mol at the address :


Core curriculum of the Complementary Master in Nuclear Engineering


Electives of the Complementary Master in Nuclear Engineering