Teaching focus [30.0]

filo2m  2018-2019  Louvain-la-Neuve

IMPORTANT NOTE: In accordance with article 138 para. 4 of the decree of 7 November 2013 concerning higher education and the academic organisation of studies, teaching practice placements will not be assessed in the September session. Students are required to make every effort to successfully complete the teaching practice in the June session, subject to having to retake the year.

The teaching focus is concerned with preparation for teaching at the higher levels of secondary education. The programme is designed to develop the following skills : - design, planning and assessment of practice ; - ability to assess practices and their context ; - understanding of the educational institution, its setting and players. Three kinds of activities are involved : - teaching practice at the higher levels of secondary education (50 hours) - seminars ; - lectures. They are divided into two categories : - teaching practice, multidisciplinary courses and seminars, common to all subjects. They have the code LAGRE (13 credits); - subject-based teaching practice, courses and seminars (17 credits). The teaching focus of the 120-credit Master's degree includes training leading to a qualification for teaching in secondary education (Agrégation de l'enseignement secondaire supérieur - AESS) (300 hours - 30 credits), pursuant to the Decrees of 8 February 2001 and of 17 December 2003 (concerning the basis for neutrality) relating to the initial training of upper secondary school teachers in the French Community of Belgium. These 30 credits also make up the AESS programme in Performing Arts, which can be taken after a 60- or 120-credit Master's degree. In practical terms, successful completion of the Master's degree with a teaching focus also leads to the award of professional status as a qualified secondary school teacher. Assessment of the skills in the AESS programme is spread over the two blocks of the Master's degree. However, graduates with the full qualification (titre requis), at present the AESS or a Master's in Performing Arts with a teaching focus, may currently teach History of Literature and History of the Theatre at arts academies. For further information about full qualifications (titres requis) and partial qualifications (titres suffisants): http://www.segec.be/Documents/Fesec/Administration/Brochure_titres_mars___FESeC.pdf   REMARQUE IMPORTANTE En vertu de l'article 76 alinéa 3 du décret du 31 mars 2004 définissant l'enseignement supérieur, favorisant son intégration à l'espace européen de l'enseignement supérieur et refinançant les universités, les leçons publiques ne sont pas organisées à la session de septembre. L'étudiant est invité à tout mettre en oeuvre pour réussir les leçons publiques à la session de juin, sous peine de devoir recommencer son année

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Annual block
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Mandatory A) Placements in an educational environment (6 credits)
Mandatory LFILO9001 Teaching philosophy : stages   50h  6 credits 1 + 2q x x
Mandatory B) Disciplinary courses and seminars (11 credits)
Mandatory Teacher training in the discipline (8 credits)
Mandatory LFILO2540 Didactique de la philosophie et du cours de philosophie et citoyenneté  

LFILO2540 will not be assessed in the September session

Jean-Michel Counet
, Olivier Depré (coord.)
, Danielle Lories
45h  5 credits 1 + 2q x x
Mandatory LFILO2530 Approche philosophique de questions de citoyenneté   Hervé Pourtois
30h  3 credits 1q x x
Mandatory Analysing teaching practices and their context (3 credits)
Mandatory LFILO2520 Training in communication of scientific knowledge and mastery of oral and written expression(philosophy)   Olivier Depré
15h+15h  3 credits 2q x x
Mandatory C) Cross-disciplinary courses and seminars (13 credits)
Mandatory LAGRE2020 To understand the adolescent in school situation, to manage the interpersonal relationship and to animate the class group   James Day
, Véronique Leroy (compensates James Day)
, Nathalie Roland (compensates James Day)
, Pascale Steyns
22.5h+22.5h  4 credits 1 ou 2q x x
Mandatory LAGRE2120 The school institution and its context   Branka Cattonar
, Vincent Dupriez
22.5h+25h  4 credits 1 ou 2q x x
Mandatory LAGRE2220 General didactics and education to interdisciplinarity   Myriam De Kesel
, Jean-Louis Dufays (coord.)
, Anne Ghysselinckx
, Jim Plumat
, Marc Romainville
, Cedric Roure
, Bernadette Wiame
37.5h  3 credits 2q x x
Mandatory LAGRE2400 See specifications in french   Michel Dupuis
, Anne Ghysselinckx
20h  2 credits 2q x x