Environmental Technology : Water, Soil, Air (Option 4E) [30.0]

bire2m  2018-2019  Louvain-la-Neuve

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This option will be followed by the corresponding option complement OR by "the Business Creation".

Annual block
  1 2

Mandatory LBIRC2109 Process engineering : unit operations   Damien Debecker
60h+15h  6 credits 2q x  
Mandatory LBRES2103 Soil physics applied to Agronomy and Environment   Charles Bielders (coord.)
, Mathieu Javaux
30h+15h  4 credits 1q x  
Mandatory LBRTE2101 Aquatic and soil biological and physical chemistry   Pierre Delmelle
, Patrick Gerin (coord.)
37.5h+15h  5 credits 1q x  
Mandatory LBRTE2102 Integrated exercises in environmental science and technology   Patrick Gerin
, Mathieu Javaux
, Marnik Vanclooster
45h  4 credits 2q x  
Mandatory LBRTE2201 Human and environmental toxicology   Cathy Debier (coord.)
, Philippe Hantson
45h+7.5h  5 credits 1q x  
Mandatory LENVI2007 Renewable energies   Xavier Draye
, Patrick Gerin (coord.)
, Hervé Jeanmart
, Geoffrey Van Moeseke
30h  4 credits 1q x  
Mandatory LBIRE2218 Séminaire professionnel en gestion des ressources en eau et sol   Charles Bielders (coord.)
, Marnik Vanclooster
20h  2 credits 1q   x