Programme structure

soca1ba  2017-2018  Louvain-la-Neuve

The first year of the bachelor's programme consists of a common pool of Faculty subjects, as well as specific courses in Sociology and in Anthroplogy. Thanks to the common pool of subjects, after the January session, the student has the possibility to re-orient himself towards another programme in the Faculty.
The three year programme corresponds to 180 credits, and comprises a major of 150 credits and an option of 30 credits.
So as to widen his intellectual and professional horizons, the student may choose a minor (30 credits) which will enable him to discover another subject ; he may likewise choose to go more deeply into his major by means of an ensemble of options (30 credits).
The choice of the minor and the options selected by the student must be approved by the Programme Supervisor.
The choice of the minor will also facilitate re-orientation when it comes to choosing the master's programme.
The role of the Programme Supervisor and the Study Advisor is important with respect to subject choice (information, advice ...).