List of available minors

math1ba  2017-2018  Louvain-la-Neuve

Students will choose the additional module minor in mathematics or another introductory and/or access minor arranged by the University.

> Additionnal module in Mathematics
> Additionnal module in Statistics and data science
> Mineure en Antiquité : Égypte, Orient, Grèce, Rome
> Mineure en droit (accès)
> Mineure en droit (ouverture)
> Mineure en sciences biomédicales (ouverture)
> Mineure en sciences des religions (ouverture)
> Minor in Economics
> Minor in Arabic language and Islamic civilization
> Minor in Chinese studies
> Minor in Christian Theology
> Minor in Computer Sciences
> Minor in Culture and Creation
> Minor in Development and Environment
> Minor in Economics (open)
> Minor in Education (*)
> Minor in Engineering Sciences : biomedical
> Minor in Engineering Sciences: Applied Mathematics
> Minor in Engineering Sciences: Mechanics
> Minor in European Studies
> Minor in French Studies (*)
> Minor in Gender Studies
> Minor in Geography
> Minor in History
> Minor in History of Art and Archeology
> Minor in Human and Social Sciences
> Minor in Information and Communication (*)
> Minor in Linguistics
> Minor in Literary Studies
> Minor in Mangement (basic knowledge)
> Minor in Medieval Studies
> Minor in Musicology
> Minor in Oriental Studies
> Minor in Philosophy
> Minor in Physics
> Minor in Political Sciences
> Minor in Population and Development Studies
> Minor in Scientific Culture
> Minor in Sociology and Anthropology
> Minor in Statistics and data sciences
> Minor in Sustainable Development (*)
> Minor in Urban Architecture
> Minor in entrepreneurship (*)

(*) This program is the subject of access criteria