Programme structure

inge1ba  2017-2018  Louvain-la-Neuve

The programme is organised in the form of one single line of studies of 180 credits, into which are integrated 26 credits in Sciences and Technology.
The programme comprises courses in Sciences and Technology, and an intensive course in Mathematics and Statistics. Nevertheless, the programme is still conceived in such a way as to satisfy the minimum demands of each of the subjects within the pool of subjects common to the ESPO. This thus allows for the same possibilities of re-orientation as the other ESPO bachelor programmes, thanks to the recognition of the equivalence of the credits.
In addition, those students admitted - after the selection process - to the " Creating a Company" orientation, must add one extra course to their programme for ( a maximum of ) 9 credits. This "Creating a Company" orientation is spread over the third year of the Bachelor's and over the two years of the master's of Business Engineering.