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In the event of the divergence between the different linguistic versions of the present conditions, the French version shall prevail.
Decree of 7 November 2013 defining the landscape of higher education and the academic organization of studies.
The admission requirements must be met prior to enrolment in the University.

General requirements

Subject to the general requirements laid down by the academic authorities, admission to the specialized Master’s degree programme will be granted to students who fulfil the entry requirements for studies leading to the award of a Master’s (second-cycle) degree and who hold a second-cycle diploma, degree, certificate or other qualification issued within or outside the French Community of Belgium, or whose prior learning or experience has been accredited by the Examination Board as being equivalent to at least 300 credits.

Specific Admission Requirements

Specific Admission Requirements


First part

Special procedures :  

  • candidates must have a degree as a Doctor or Master in medicine or a doctor from a member country of the European Union which enables them to practise in Belgium
  • candidates must show evidence of having been selected, at the end of the competitive selection examination, for internal medicine specialization at a Belgian faculty of medicine

Further information about the legal requirements and the practical details of the selection examination may be obtained from the office. Holders of degrees from outside the European Union may only enrol for this programme to obtain a university certificate in partial specialized training lasting two years (if they are taking a specialization in their home country) or advanced specialized training lasting one year (if they are already recognized as specialists in their country of origin.)

The Royal Decree of 30.05.2002, published on 14.06.2002 on the availability of medical studies, amended by the Royal Decree of 11.07.2005 published on 03.08.2005, applies to candidates who wish to be awarded the status of specialist in geriatrics.

Second part

Candidates must have fulfilled the requirements of the first part of the specialized studies in internal medicine and have been accepted for advanced training in geriatric specialization.

Applications should be submitted to the academic in charge of the programme. The selection examinations are held in accordance with the schedule and the general examination regulations.

All candidates who wish to become geriatric specialists, either from the outset or after the three years of basic training, will be assessed by the academic in charge of the programme as well as the selection committee and the geriatric placement supervisors.

Selection committee

First part (before the beginning of the basic training)
The selection committee is made up of members of the selection committee for the Advanced Master in Internal Medicine.

Second part (before the beginning of the advanced training)
The selection committee is made up of members of the programme committee together with two invited members from the geriatric placement supervisors in the UCL network.