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Study programme 2014-2015

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Welcome in the program study of UCL 2014-2015

At Louvain-la-Neuve - 60 credits - 1 year - Shift schedule - In french
Dissertation/Graduation Project : YES - Internship : NO
Organized by: Louvain School of Management (LSM)
Programme code: GEHD2M1 - European Qualifications Framework (EQF): 7


The Master in Management (60) evening course, spread over two years, is mainly designed for university graduates who already have a Master (in any subject e.g. science, applied sciences, law, philosophy, literature or industrial engineering) who wish to acquire additional training in administration and management. It is intended for adults who have already gained at least 3 years of professional experience.

->List of course materials List of course materials

->Brochure Brochure Master in Management 60 Evening Classes 

Your profile

What you will get:

  • develop your knowledge and skills in various management positions needed in the private or public organisations
  • an in-depth understanding of the theories and methods used in different managerial domains
  • a strong training in management within an internationally recognised university
  • an opportunity to create your own network
  • a unique international experience in the heart of Europe. 

Your future job

Entrepreneurial ability, the capacity to transform initiatives into economic realities, to organise these activities and ensure their continuity, to find the necessary resources and adequately combine them: these are the skills that one expects from those wishing to assume responsibilities in the management of companies.

Our graduates can be found in the highest corporate management positions, as well as in consultancy, auditing, banking, industry (production and operations management) and environmental management.

Your programme

This Master offers:

  • an overall vision of business management;
  • a high-level program that balances the demands of work and family with those of university life;
  • an innovative educational approach that offers you to develop a managerial vision of your professional expertise.