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Advanced Master in Water Resources - REAU2MC

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This inter-university programme, organized jointly by the Wallonia-Europe Academy and the Louvain Academy is designed to provide advanced French-speaking training in the field of water resources. There is special emphasis on understanding the processes which determines the flows in the terrestrial hydrosystem (quantitative and qualitative), characterization (data acquisition and processing) and predictive modelling and, overall, the best possible management of the resource that is water. It offers a special combination of subjects currently available in a very different selection of training courses.

The programme is designed to train specialists in the field of water who are capable of working in institutions in the public sector (e.g. ministries and international institutions) private companies, research departments and other different organizations.  

It also enables students to acquire in-depth knowledge which is both useful and necessary to lead on to a doctoral programme in this area.

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The programme, which lasts one year and is worth 60 credits, comprises :

  • 36 credits for compulsory subjects, divided between the partner institutions 
  • 4 credits for compulsory seminars 
  • 5 credits for optional subjects, to be chosen from the 2nd or 3rd cycle programmes of the partner institutions, depending on students’ previous studies and their choice of topic for a dissertation. These choices must be approved by the programme management committee.
  • 15 credits for the final dissertation

A refresher course of a maximum of 15 credits for additional activities may be required by the programme management committee. These prerequisite subjects would be taken in the framework of Master programmes offered by the partner institutions.

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This programme may only be taken after gaining a first Master’s degree for 2nd cycle studies worth at least 300 credits. It may lead to doctoral training.
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