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Master [120] of science in Mechanical Engineering - MECA2M

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The objective of the Master’s course in Mechanical engineering is to train engineers who should be capable of mastering complex and varied scientific, technological and human problems related to mechanical engineering.
Upon graduating, students will have acquired the requisite basic knowledge in all the main fields of Mechanical engineering (fluid mechanics and transfer phenomena, computational methods in applied mechanics, mechanics of materials and structures, applied dynamics, mechanical manufacturing and production, mechanical design, thermal machinery, thermodynamics and energetics). Their education will have been both theoretical and practical, notably via laboratory and project work.
Students may choose to have a standard degree, by choosing their elective courses to make up a basic curriculum in Mechanics. They may also choose to specialize, by following one of many specific streams.

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The Master’s curriculum in Mechanical engineering will require a minimum total of 120 credits covering two years, with a minimum of 60 credits per year, and comprising :
-         a 44-credit core curriculum
-         specialist courses in mechanics (30 credits)
-         a possible specialization in one of the 9 suggested fields (aeronautics, mechanical production and manufacturing, energy, polymer working, metal working, biomechanics, numerical modelling in mechanics, management, setting up of small and medium-sized companies), with a maximum of 30 credits in said field
-         elective courses, with a minimum total of 25 credits
The final thesis is generally written during the last year. However, students may choose to take any given course in the first or second year, subject to possible prerequisites. This will be the case in particular for students pursuing part of their education abroad.
If, in the course of his (her) former curriculum, a student has already been credited with a subject included in the compulsory core curriculum, or any training deemed equivalent, this subject will be replaced by any elective course within the imposed constraints. The student is responsible for checking whether the minimum total number of credits has been reached, as well as those of the specialized field, which will appear on the final diploma.
The student’s curriculum will be scrutinized for acceptance by the Mechanical engineering diploma committee.

Wathever the focus or the options chosen, the programme of this master shall totalise 120 credits, spread over two years of studies each of 60 credits

Core curriculum

Professional Focus

Optional specializations and elective courses

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Accessible  complementary Master’s : Nuclear engineering
Accessible Ph.D. studies : via GRASMECH doctoral school

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