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Advanced Master in Interdisciplinary Analysis of European Construction (shift schedule) - EUHD2MC

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This programme is designed for students who have already gained a Master and are turning to the Advanced Master in Interdisciplinary Analysis of European Construction to gain additional special training in the field of European studies to establish a link with professional activities relating to the institutions and policies of the European Union. 

It provides teaching in the legal, economic, political and historical foundations of European integration as well as an interdisciplinary seminar which tackles various issues relating to this.

There is a choice between three special option courses : Dimensions and Means of European Policies, Europe, States and Societies and Europe in the World. These enable students to deepen their knowledge in one of these areas.

Advanced teaching on subjects relating to European construction also gives students opportunities to consider more deeply the processes at work and to adopt a critical attitude towards them.

The programme is organized jointly by the Institute of European Studies at UCL and the Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis (where the courses are held).

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This programme of 60 credits is made up of courses and seminars worth 45 credits, as well as a final assignment for 15 credits. The core subjects account for 28 credits and are organized in the first semester : they are made up of courses on different disciplines and an interdisciplinary seminar entitled 'Thinking Europe'.

The second semester is devoted to the production of a final assignment (15 credits) and a specialization for 15 credits in option courses.

All the courses are held at the Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis.

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Doctoral programmes : the Institute of European Studies does not award doctorates in European studies. Each Faculty sets the conditions for entry to their doctorates. The Institute of European Studies participates in the Graduate School for European studies.
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