Professional focus [30.0]

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MandatoryFondements disciplinaires des sciences du travail
Mandatory TRAV2200

Sociology of work  (in French) Bernard Francq30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory TRAV2210

Labour law  (in French) François Vandamme30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory TRAV2230

Psychology of work  (in French) Michaël Dubois30h 5credits  x 
Mandatory TRAV2240

Labour economics  (in French) Muriel Dejemeppe30h 5credits   x
Mandatory TRAV2250

Philosophy of work  (in French) Mark Hunyadi-Buzas30h 5credits   x
Mandatory TRAV2260

Psycho-sociological analysis of labour relations  (in French) John Cultiaux (supplée Thomas Périlleux), Thomas Périlleux30h 5credits   x
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