Post-translational regulation of proteins

wsbim2215  2022-2023  Bruxelles Woluwe

Post-translational regulation of proteins
2.00 credits
20.0 h
Bertrand Luc (coordinator); Bommer Guido; Collet Jean-François; Demoulin Jean Baptiste; Rider Mark;
Main themes
This course helps to deepen the knowledge on post-translational modifications of proteins. It is the perfect continuation of wsbim2115.
General introduction on the importance of post-translational modifications of proteins in their regulation and function (1h L.Bertrand)
-       Mechanisms of disulfide bond formation in prokaryotes and eukaryotes (3h J.-F. Collet)
-   Protein phosphorylations (4h M. Rider) 
- The new world of other post-translational modifications (Acetylation, O-GlcNacylation) (4h L. Bertrand)
-       Mechanisms of targeted proteolysis, protein ubiquitination and related post-translational modifications (J.B. Demoulin)
-       Protein and metabolite repair mechanisms. (G. Bommer)
Teaching methods
The different parts of the course will be given by lecturers who are specialists in their domains using powerpoint slides. The slides will be available for the students.
Evaluation methods
Written exam on all parts of the course
Online resources
There is no formal syllabus ! PDF versions of slides presented in the course, which cover the subject in a comprehensive way, will be made available on MoodleUCL ( In addition, a tablet will be used to explain certain aspects of the course. The "Tablet" PDF versions of the PowerPoint files will also be made available to students via MoodleUCL.
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Master [120] in Biomedicine

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