Secteur gynécologie obstétrique (partim SBIM)

wmds2222s  2022-2023  Bruxelles Woluwe

Secteur gynécologie obstétrique (partim SBIM)
5.00 credits
60.0 h
Main themes
Physiopathology of pregnancy and childbirth: Description of methods of prevention of maternal and perinatal risk and their justification - Introduction to fetal medicine - Description of mechanisms of childbirth, high-risk pregnancy. Gynecology: Description of the most commonly encountered pathologies in current practice (pelvic and gynecologic infections; differential diagnosis of menometrorrhagia; differential diagnosis of masses; sterility and EP; menopause). Oncogynecology: Breast, ovarian, cervical and endometrial cancer. Medical genetics: Review of the classic and more recently established modes of transmission of monogenic and multifactorial conditions - Notions of clinical cytogenetics - Prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal and molecular disorders - Most frequently observed hereditary syndromes of cancer predisposition - etc. Neonatology: Selective review of perinatal physiology - Necessary clinical and scientific basis for an understanding of the adjustment to extrauterine life - Management and follow-up of specific pathologies of the neonatal period. Pathological anatomy: Relations between macro- and microscopic aspects of lesions and their clinical manifestations. Seminar themes: Menopause - Sexually transmitted diseases - Fever and pregnancy - Pain and pregnancy.
Evaluation methods
Two-tiered evaluation: Evaluation of the acquired knowledge (QCM and QROC), as well as the capacity to apply this knowledge in the solution to a clinical problem by the end of the teaching trimester. Programs proposing this activity FARM3DS/AN Specialized pharmaceutical science studies diploma (biological analyses) NUT2 Degree in biomedical sciences (human nutrition) SBIM3DS Specialized biomedical science studies diploma SBIM3DS/TC Specialized biomedical science studies diploma (clinical toxicology)
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Master [120] in Biomedicine