Journalisme et littératie informationnelle

lcomu2123  2022-2023  Louvain-la-Neuve

Journalisme et littératie informationnelle
3.00 credits
15.0 h
Descampe Antonin;
The course introduces the concepts and approaches of information literacy and media literacy. It deals with the journalistic skills targeted by information literacy, the role of the journalist and the mass media in the development of an “information culture”, the issues and the evolution of public confidence in the media and the journalists. It analyzes the critical and technical skills of audiences in different types of media.
Teaching methods
The course will be given in two ways:
- lectures by the teacher or speakers directly involved in the topics addressed during the course
- learning by debating with students on their methods of collecting and analyzing information, and by discussing work carried out outside the sessions.
Evaluation methods
Continuous evaluation on the basis of individual and group work carried out during the quadrimester. The practical modalities will be detailed to students during the term, and available on Moodle.
Modalities of the September session are identical: the same assignments have to be submitted as during the year.
Other information
English-friendly Course
  • Reading: bibliographical references in English can be provided
  • Questions: students can ask their questions in English
  • Evaluation: students can do presentations and answer exam questions in English
  • Dictionary: students are allowed to use a dictionary (monolingual French dictionary or bilingual French-mother tongue dictionary, as specified by the teacher), including for exams
Online resources
Presentation materials, useful links, work instructions and other external resources will be made available to students on the Moodle platform of the course.
Faculty or entity

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Title of the programme
Learning outcomes
Master [120] in Journalism