General German - Upper-intermediate

lalle1300  2020-2021  Louvain-la-Neuve

General German - Upper-intermediate
Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the information below is subject to change, in particular that concerning the teaching mode (presential, distance or in a comodal or hybrid format).
9 credits
90.0 h
Q1 and Q2
Godin Virginie (coordinator);
To have passed the LALLE1100 course (or equivalent to level A2)

The prerequisite(s) for this Teaching Unit (Unité d’enseignement – UE) for the programmes/courses that offer this Teaching Unit are specified at the end of this sheet.
Main themes
Essentially those of everyday life (health, food, clothes, travel, love, ...).

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :

1 Reading comprehension: B2 Level
  • Can read with a large degree of independence, adapting style and speed of reading to different texts and purposes, and using appropriate reference sources selectively. Has a broad active reading vocabulary, but may experience some difficulty with low frequency idioms.
  • Can understand articles and reports concerned with contemporary problems in which the writers adopt particular stances or viewpoints.
2 Listening comprehension: B2 Level
  • Can understand most radio documentaries and most other recorded or broadcast audio material delivered in standard dialect and can identify the speaker's mood, tone etc.
  • Can with some effort catch much of what is said around him/her, but may find it difficult to participate effectively in discussion with several native speakers who do not modify their language in any way.
  • Can follow extended speech and complex lines of argument provided the topic is reasonably familiar, and the direction of the talk is sign-posted by explicit markers.
3 Speaking skills: B1+ Level
  • Can communicate with some confidence on familiar routine and non-routine matters related to his/her interests and professional field. Can exchange, check and confirm information, deal with less routine situations and explain why something is a problem. Can express thoughts on more abstract, cultural topics such as films, books, music etc.
4 Writing skills: B1 Level
  • Can write personal letters describing experiences, feelings and events in some detail.
N.B. The indicated levels refer to the Common European Framework for Languages.
Teaching methods

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the information in this section is particularly likely to change.

The course is based on different themes.  Learning is contextualised by didactic and/or authentic documents (reading and listening comprehension).  Vocabulary and basic structures are trained, consolidated and extended through written and oral exercises (drills, roleplays, interviews, conversations in small groups,...). 
In speaking skills, the focus is on communication rather than on correction, however phonetical correction will be stressed. An interactive and cultural approach is favoured.
Modality of teaching during the pandemic
For this course, classroom teaching is favoured, but this modality could change depending on:
  • the number of students.  In this case, the students and the teacher will decide together which modality best suits the group;
  • the evolution of the pandemic.  Under the red code, online teaching will be the rule.
Evaluation methods

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the information in this section is particularly likely to change.

Different marks are taken into account in the final assessment:
  • continuous assessment
  • written and oral exam
Online resources
  • DaF kompakt neu A2 Kurs-und Übungsbuch, Klett ISBN978-3-12-676314-1
  • Le syllabus LALLE1300 (E-F) contient toutes les références bibliographiques utilisées pour sa conception.
Teaching materials
  • Syllabus LALLE 1300 (E-F) Allemand général intermédiaire
Faculty or entity
Force majeure
Teaching methods
In a lockdown situation, lessons are given on Teams (same timetable).
Evaluation methods
For the May-June session and the August-September session:
In orange (or yellow) code, the exam (oral and written part) will take place on site in Louvain-la-Neuve in Week 13 in May (we will decide on a date for September).
In red code, the exam will take place online on Teams (oral and written part) and on Moodle-Devoir (written part) in Week 13 in May (we will decide on a date for September).
More details on Moodle.

Programmes / formations proposant cette unité d'enseignement (UE)

Title of the programme
Bachelor in Engineering : Architecture

Bachelor in Computer Science

Bachelor in Engineering