Computer Applications in the Humanities

lfial1156  2019-2020  Louvain-la-Neuve

Computer Applications in the Humanities
Note from June 29, 2020
Although we do not yet know how long the social distancing related to the Covid-19 pandemic will last, and regardless of the changes that had to be made in the evaluation of the June 2020 session in relation to what is provided for in this learning unit description, new learnig unit evaluation methods may still be adopted by the teachers; details of these methods have been - or will be - communicated to the students by the teachers, as soon as possible.
3 credits
15.0 h + 15.0 h
François Aurore; Godart Gauthier (compensates François Aurore);
The aim of this course relating to the application of information technology to humanities and history, is to raise students' awareness of the possibilities which the use of computer science in their field represents.
During this course we will deal with the following in particular:
  • introducing the students to information technology functionality and concepts and to the technical, legal and social challenges posed by the introduction of information and communication technologies, generally but also within their disciplines;
  • becoming familiar with basic administrative software;
  • exploring the possibilities offered by information technology for document research and processing information in their respective disciplines.
These lessons will include both elements of theory and practical work.
Teaching methods
  • Theoretical course
  • Practical sessions in the information technology pool;
Evaluation methods
The final mark (/20) will be distributed as follows:
  • theoretical section: 10 points (written exam)
  • practical section: 10 points 
    • January session: Continuous assessment (3 tests, 2+4+2 points) and submission of a work (/2). Uncertified absence for continuous assessment or submitting an assignment late (or not at all) will result in a zero mark for the practical section.
    • Other sessions: exam at the computer workstation
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Approfondissement en sciences et technologies de l'information et de la communication (pour seule réinscription)

Minor in Linguistics

Minor in History

Minor in Information and Communication Studies and Technologies

Master [120] in Information and Communication Science and Technology

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