Clinical psychology

lpsp1201  2018-2019  Louvain-la-Neuve

Clinical psychology
6 credits
60.0 h
Douilliez Céline; Heenen-Wolff Susann coordinator; Pinon Nicolas; Zech Emmanuelle;
This part of the lecture will meet the official specifications. So after a historical contextualization in the clinical psychology field, it will present the paradigms used in the person-centered therapies: the actualizing tendency, personality theory, therapeutic process and the six necessary and sufficient conditions of therapeutic personality change postulated by Carl Rogers.
A large part of this lecture will then focus on a critical evaluation of the methods that are used to validate these paradigms. Students will be sensibilized to the current issues of empirical research.
The lecture will conclude on an overview of the evolutions in the diverse fields and the practice of experiential and person-centered therapies.
Teaching methods
The lecture will mainly be an oral presentation supported by slides. To make the key concepts concrete to the students, videos showing Carl Rogers practising will be played and discussed. The students will also receive a portfolio containing the reference texts which will have to be read for the final evaluation.
Evaluation methods
The final evaluation will be composed of 'true or false' questions about the oral lecture and the portfolio.
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