Risk Management, Internal Control and Auditing

llsms2090  2017-2018  Louvain-la-Neuve

Risk Management, Internal Control and Auditing
5 credits
30.0 h
Decaux Loïc; Sarens Gerrit;
LECGE1113E : comptabilité I
LECGE1219  : comptabilité II et analyse des états financiers
LECGE1315V : stratégie d'entreprise
Main themes
  • Importance of risk management from a strategic and operational perspective
  • Risk management frameworks and methodology
  • Internal control as part of risk management
  • Role of internal and external auditing in risk management and internal control
  • Internal and external audit methodology

At the end of this learning unit, the student is able to :


Having regard to the LO of the programme, this activity contributes to the development and acquisition of the following LO:


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  • Strategic management and risk management
  • Operational management and risk management
  • Theoretical foundations of risk management
  • Risk management frameworks and methodologies
  • The COSO framework : detailed discussion
  • Internal control measures as part of riks management
  • The role and position of internal and external auditing in risk management and internal control
  • The internal audit methodology
  • The external audit methodology including ethical principles for external auditors
Teaching methods
  • Theory classes
  • Reading materials
  • Project presentations
  • Group discussions
Evaluation methods
Continuous evaluation
  • Date: week 1 and 2
  • Type of evaluation: Reading articles test
  • Comments: 20%
Evaluation week
  • Oral: No
  • Written:  hours to be specified
  • Unavailability or comments:  40%
Examination session
  • Oral: No
  • Written: No
  • Unavailability or comments: No
Support de cours
  • Slides, texts, articles and case studies posted on Moodle.
  • The COSO ERM Framework (available for free online).
  • Internal Auditing: Assurance & Advisory Services, 3rd Edition by Kurt R. Reding (Author), Paul J. Sobel (Author), Urton L. Anderson (Author), Michael J.Head (Author), SridharRamamoorti (Author), Mark Salamasick (Author), Cris Riddle (Author)
  • Principles of Auditing: An Introduction to International Standards on Auditing, 3rd Edition by Rick Hayes, Roger Dassen, Arnold Schilder, Philip Wallage.
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Master [120] in Management

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