Seminar : English Teaching Methodology

LGERM2921  2016-2017  Louvain-la-Neuve

Seminar : English Teaching Methodology
5.0 credits
15.0 h

This biannual course is taught on years 2015-2016, 2017-2018, ....

Meunier Fanny ;

Courses addressing notions of 'didactique générale' and 'didactique des langues germaniques'

Main themes

Starting with a theoretical discussion on the aims and aspects of EFL learning and teaching, the seminar addresses concrete possibilities for integrating culture in the teaching of modern languages in the secondary education system.


By the end of the course, the student teacher will be able to :
- grasp the major role played by culture in foreign language learning and teaching;
- create didactic sequences integrating cultural elements (be they high or low culture related);
- critically assess sequences produced by themselves or their fellow students.

The contribution of this Teaching Unit to the development and command of the skills and learning outcomes of the programme(s) can be accessed at the end of this sheet, in the section entitled “Programmes/courses offering this Teaching Unit”.

Evaluation methods

Assessment : Final assessment based on :

  • Presence and active participation  in the seminars
  • Exam : preparation of a commented typical lesson.


Teaching methods

Course materials: Selected readings and documents.

Group discussions and guided preparation of a teaching sequence on the theme selected for the year


The selected theme for 2015-2016 is that of "digital culture"

Theoretical part based on the reading scientific articles in the field : what is digital culture ? should we teach culture ? what excactly should/can we teach ? how can we address/integrate digital cultureal elements in the curriculum ? a communicative type of teaching? etc.).
Creation, presentation and critical analysis of didactic sessions and sequences.



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