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Studies and markets models (in French) [ LLSMS2000 ]

5.0 crédits ECTS  30.0 h   1q 

Teacher(s) Kervyn de Meerendré Nicolas ; Kestemont Marie-Paule ;
Language French
of the course
Main themes Present the sequence of interrelated stages of the market research process. (this involves the diagnosis of information needs, the gathering of reliable data and their analysis in order to help marketing to sake sound decisions. Themes Designing the market study, exploratory research, descriptive research (including bi-variate methods) introduction to causal research
Aims At the end of the class, students must be able to design, to carry out and to interpret in a rational and critical manner a market study based on qualitative and mainly quantitative surveys.
Content Summary " Summary and content " see " scope " above and " methods " see " methods " below Content See "scope" above Methods In-class activities - Lectures - Exercices/PT At home activities - Paper work
Other information Prerequisites Basic Marketing Evaluation : Class participation and oral examination (in French or English) Support : Textbook recommended and slides provided through iCampus References : Provided during the class Pedagogic team : Professor's weekly open door Other : - Internationalisation - international content - international case study Corporate features - conference - case study Techniques and tools for teaching and learning - IT tools - quantitative methods - qualitative methods - other : statistics…… Techniques - outils informatiques - méthodes quantitatives - méthodes qualitatives - autre : statistiques
Cycle et année
> Master [120] in Statistics: General
> Master [120] in Business engineering
> Master [120] in Management
> Master [120] in Management
> Master [120] in Business Engineering
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in charge

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