Bachelor in Ancient and Modern Languages and Literatures [180.0] - LAFR1BA


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This bachelor’s programme provides a specific training in Modern (i.e. French) and Ancient (i.e. Latin) Languages and Literature, based on a solid general background in Philosophy and Letters. Analysis of French and Latin texts plays a central role in the programme, which aim to develop an in-depth knowledge of the French and Latin languages and of modern techniques in text interpretation, literary theory and linguistics.

At the end of their Bachelors, students will be skilled in the following domains of their speciality :

  • written and oral skills in the French language ;
  • active and receptive skills in Latin ;
  • history of French civilisation ;
  • history of Latin literatures and Latin civilisations ;
  • translation of literary texts in Latin ;
  • literary and linguistic analysis ;
  • theory of literary criticism.

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Depending on the nature of the course and the teaching methods, the evaluation will take different forms. Some courses will involve oral and/or written evaluations (held during one of the three exam sessions: January – June – August/September), whilst the evaluation of seminars will involve more substantial student participation as well as assessment of individual course work. Evaluation methods will be explained at the beginning of each course.

Those exams relating to courses on communication skills will evaluate the student's level, i.e. the practical use of the language in relevant situations.

Teaching methods are evaluated in accordance with the current University regulations (see General regulations concerning examinations ). Students may also find additional information regarding the evaluation of courses in the course description.

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