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The WELCOME facility is a state-of-the-art technological platform providing multidisciplinary tools in the field of electrical and electromagnetic characterization. At WELCOME over one hundred of researchers from the four corners of the globe perform thousands of hours of experiments per year. They benefit from a powerful range of equipments and an exceptional pool of expertise acquired over more than 40 years at UCL. Available tools and techniques in the WELCOME facility support various research axes including micro- and nanotechnology (materials and devices), Silicon-on-Insulator technology, RF and microwave circuits, digital systems and VLSI architectures, MEMS/NEMS, cryptography, ultra low-power wireless biometric and biological sensors, molecular electronics, signal propagation and wireless communications between sensors. Extending from molecules to signals, WELCOME offers through a broadband and unified approach a wide variety of electrical and electromagnetic measurements techniques, going from the physical behavior of materials, sensors and devices, to systems architectures and signal propagation between them.

The infrastructure goes further bringing together three pillars: research, education, and services to the industry. WELCOME helps to cover all steps of development in electronics and communications, from design to prototyping, including modeling, fabrication, testing and reliability assessment. The WELCOME facility is also complementary in many aspects to resources and skills available at other UCL technological facilities, such as the WINFAB cleanrooms, the Cyclotron Resource Center, material science and biological labs. This complementarity favors fruitful collaborations in the frame of numerous projects funded at the regional and federal level and ensures its international competitiveness.

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