Philippe Chatelain

Principal Investigator

Philippe Chatelain obtained his doctorate in aeronautics and applied mathematics from Caltech in 2005. After a research associate position at ETH Zurich, he is since 2009 professor of aeronautical mechanics at UCL. His research interests cover fluid mechanics, Lagrangian numerical methods, their deployment in HPC environment, and their application to fundamental problems as well as more applied ones in bio-propulsion, aeronautics and wind energy. His work in these last two thematics led in 2013 to the launch of Wake Prediction Technologies, a spin-off company which offers services in studying and modelling aircraft and wind turbine wakes.

He also collaborates with the von Karman Institute, ULg and Cenaero on aerothermal flows past Thermal Protection Systems. Other collaborations include UMons, UCLA, Caltech,UIUC, DTU and ETHZ.

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