Matthieu Duponcheel

Senior Researcher

Matthieu Duponcheel obtained his PhD at UCLouvain in 2009, then worked as a F.R.S-FNRS Postdoctoral Researcher and, since 2011, he has a position as Research Engineer. He works on externally funded projects in the domains of fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, heat transfer and thermodynamics. This projects include large European or Regional projects as well as smaller industrial contracts.

In the WakeOpColl project, he works in the support and development of the in-house CFD solvers used by the team, i.e. the finite difference BigFlow v2 solver and the Vortex Particle/Mesh VPM solver. He also works on the development of an operational aircraft wake vortex model, extending the Wake4D tool for formation flight and enabling the investigation of the dynamic and social behaviors in large aircraft formations.

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