Marion Coquelet

PhD Student - Wind Energy

Marion Coquelet obtained her Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Faculté Polytechnique of the University of Mons. She joined the team in September 2018 and is currently doing a joint PhD at UCLouvain and UMONS.

Her contribution to the WakeOpColl project is related to the control of wind turbines using artificial intelligence. One of the questions to be answered is how a wind turbine in a farm can learn and organize itself in order to maximize the global production of the farm, but also to limit the fatigue loads experienced by its blades.

She has focused on how wind turbine blades can be used as sensor of the flow. By measuring the blades loads, the wind profile upstream of the wind turbine can be reconstructed (local velocities, shear, turbulence intensity). She is now busy with making the wind turbine learn how to behave depending on this knowledge of the flow conditions. More precisely, individual pitch control is used te reduce the fatigue loads appearing on the blades and the control strategy is acquired by reinforcement learning.

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