Denis-Gabriel Caprace

PhD Student - Wake vortex dynamics

Denis-Gabriel Caprace graduated from Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain) with a master of science in 2015. As an alumni of the TIME dual degree exchange program, ha also obtained a masters degree in aerospace engineering from ISAE Supaero the same year. Then, he started a Ph.D. advised by Philippe Chatelain and Grégoire Winckelmans at the Institute of Mechanics, Materials and Civil Engineering .

Originally passionate about aviation, my interests have expanded towards complex systems and their interaction with the environment. For my Ph.D., I work on the fundamental mechanisms driving the establishment of the turbulent far wake of wings and rotors (helicopters and wind turbines). My research focusses on the modeling of the wake generation process, and on the characterisation of the wake spatial evolution. In this context, I develop numerical methods that are able to simulate the wake over large distances, and to capture the interaction of the wakes with other devices. Considering formation-flight for commercial aviation, I contribute to the development of a novel detection and tracking algorithm that, one day, could help airplanes save energy (work in collaboration with Ignace Ransquin).