Wind Energy Science Conference 2019 - Cork, Ireland

Maud, James, Maxime and Marion participated in the Wind Energy Society Conference (WESC) from June 17 to June 20, 2019 at University College Cork, Ireland. WESC is multi-disciplinary conference where delegates can get aware of the on-going researches in wind energy science, spot emerging trends and meet future collaborators.

Maxime was the first of the team to present, he shared his work on the characterization and the online update of a vorticity-based skeleton wake model. The next speaker was James, his presentation on coordinated learning for wind farm optimization highlighted the research he had conducted with Maud. Marion was the last presenter from UCLouvain and shared her work on the local estimation of wind speed and turbulence using wind turbine blades as sensors.

James, Maxime, Marion and Maud at University College Cork for WESC 2019