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Build interactive web applications with the R Shiny Package

[4 demi jours] - [Anglais]

No matter what you do with R, Shiny will transform your R world by making it easy for you to turn your R analyses into interactive web applications.

The R language is a computing environment and a very flexible and rich progamming language used for statistical data analysis. It's a free and open source software that is regularly enriched with new libraries of functions provided by users. In particular, everyone can create a package.

Objectifs de la formation
This training highlights the features and functionality of the Shiny package created by RStudio.

No knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript is required. However, you’ll be able to make your hands-on more interesting if you know some of them. By registering for this training, you commit to some knowledge and use of R and RStudio (i.e. write a function, make a basic plot and call help), a level of knowledge equivalent to the following training(s):
Introduction to R language


This course is not just pure theory. It also includes hands on with a comprehensive case that combines all the topics discussed in the training and more.

Outils utilisés durant la formation

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