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Introduction to the basic concepts of Bayesian statistics

[1 demi jours] - [Anglais]

Do you already heard about Bayesian statistics and want to know more about it?

Bayesian statistics is an alternative approach to the frequentist inference (generally taught in basic statistical courses). More and more used by the scientist community, Bayesian statistics enables, among others, to include prior knowledge (through the prior distribution) in the model specification.

Objectifs de la formation
The conceptual differences between the frequentist and the Bayesian inferential approaches will be highlighted in this seminar. The fundamental notions of Bayesian statistics (prior and posterior distributions of a parameter, among others) will be presented. What do we do when frequentist inference suggests to reject the null hypothesis while the opposite is favored by the Bayesian approach? This issue called the Lindley's paradox will also be discussed.

This training requires a basic knowledge of statistics.


Méthodes et familles de méthodes abordées

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