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Experimental design with JMP

[6 demi jours] - [Anglais]

Are you involved in process development and optimization? Do you want to know more about methodology for the design of experiments?

An experimental design describes "how" the different trials of a study should be carried out so that the study objective can be met with maximum precision and minimum "cost." The "how" represents the definition of the purpose and conditions of the experiment, the factors to be varied, the experimental units, the number and sequence of observations to be collected, the experimental set-up, etc.

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Experimental design with JMP [Anglais]
[6 demi jours] - [débute le 11-01-2021 à 09:00]
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Objectifs de la formation

At the end of this course, the participant will know the principles of experimental design methodology and the steps for implementing the necessary tools. He/she will be able to formalize his/her experiment, write the desired model, and identify the appropriate design among the main classes of designs.  He/she will have been introduced to techniques for statistically analyzing results based on real case studies, and he/she will have implemented these techniques using JMP.


By registering for this course, you commit to having a basic level of knowledge in statistics and experimental practice.


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