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Panel-data Analysis using Stata

[3 demi jours] - [Anglais]

Longitudinal surveys, that follow individuals over several periods of time, are becoming increasingly popular in social sciences. The main reason is that they offer a particular setting that researchers can use to control for some types of unobserved variables bias.

The mixed models are a family of models with both fixed and random effects. They make it possible to take into account the correlation between several observations, in particular the longitudinal aspect of the data.

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Panel-data Analysis using Stata [Anglais]
[3 demi jours] - [débute le 06-05-2021 à 09:30]
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Objectifs de la formation
This course provides an introduction to the analysis of panel-data. At the end of the training, participants will be able to use Stata effectively for manipulating and analyzing panel-datasets, to understand the error components model and the issue of unobserved heterogeneity, and finally to implement most commonly used linear panel-data estimators.

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Data management and analysis using Stata


We will apply the theoretical content with exercises in Stata.

Outils utilisés durant la formation

Méthodes et familles de méthodes abordées
Data processing
   Data set cleaning and processing for statistical analysis
Descriptive statistics
   Descriptive statistics
   Summary tables
Regression model
   Multiple linear regression
Mixed models
   Linear mixed model

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