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Introduction to R language

[5 demi jours] - [Anglais]

This course is targeted to researchers who want to learn the R language in order to analyze their data.

The R language is a computing environment and a very flexible and rich progamming language used for statistical data analysis. It's a free and open source software that is regularly enriched with new libraries of functions provided by users. In particular, everyone can create a package.

Objectifs de la formation
At the end of this course the attendance will be able to analyse data and create its own functions, i.e import data, plot them and analyse them with statistics. This is not a statistical course.

This training requires a basic knowledge of statistics.

• R history and installation
• RStudio: a GUI for R
• R objects: vectors, matrices, factors, lists and dataframes
• Importing and exporting data and plots
• Graphs
• Statistics (descriptive statistics, some tests and models)
• Functions

This training is eligible for the training voucher scheme of the Walloon Region.
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