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Applied statistics with SPSS

[5 demi jours] - [Anglais]

Do you need a statistics refresher? Would you like to learn how to (better) use SPSS? Would you like to do data analysis with a user-friendly tool?

SPSS is a statistical analysis software, popular due to its ease of use. SPSS means Statistical Package for Social Sciences. It is one of the most used statistical softwares in social sciences. SPSS can be used for data management and processing, handling variable metadata, implement statistical analyses and get clean graphical or tabular outputs.

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Applied statistics with SPSS [Anglais]
[5 demi jours] - [débute le 30-03-2020 à 09:30]
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Objectifs de la formation
The main objective of this training session is to provide participants with the skills needed for the statistical analysis of their data, by following the statistical analysis process from data import and processing until the final report.

This training requires a basic knowledge of statistics.


  • Statistics as a tool: summarise, infer and model
  • Discovering the SPSS environment: general architecture, basic commands, syntax, using the help
  • Data processing and outputs
  • Basic statistical analyses: exploratory analysis, regressions, generalized linear models, tests of proportion and goodness of fit, non-parametric tests
  • Questions & Answers

This training is eligible for the training voucher scheme of the Walloon Region.
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