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Introduction to data analysis with R

[6 demi jours] - [Anglais]

You need a reminder on classical statistical methods? You want to learn the R language? You want to do statistical analyses using one of the more used softwares in the world?

The R language is a computing environment and a very flexible and rich progamming language used for statistical data analysis. It's a free and open source software that is regularly enriched with new libraries of functions provided by users. In particular, everyone can create a package.

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Introduction to data analysis with R [Anglais]
[6 demi jours] - [débute le 09-02-2021 à 09:00]
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Objectifs de la formation
This training has two objectives. First, the standard tools of the R language will be introduced. Secondly, this training aims to give participants the necessary knowledge for the basic statistical analysis of their data starting with the importation and the formatting of the data.

This training requires a basic knowledge of statistics.


Outils utilisés durant la formation

Méthodes et familles de méthodes abordées
Data processing
   Data set cleaning and processing for statistical analysis
Descriptive statistics
   Descriptive statistics
   Summary tables
Parametric statistics of mean comparison
   Student's t-test
Regression model
   Simple linear regression
   Logistic regression
   Multiple linear regression

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