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Panel-data Analysis using Stata (advanced part)

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Longitudinal surveys, that follow individuals over several periods of time, are becoming increasingly popular in social sciences. The main reason is that they offer a particular setting that researchers can use to control for some types of unobserved variables bias.

Regression is a group of statistical methods used to model the relation between the response variable (dependent, endogenous, etc.) and one or more explanatory variables (independent, exogenous, etc.).

Objectifs de la formation
This course provides tools for the analysis of panel-data in the case of dynamic and binary outcome models.

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Panel-data Analysis using Stata


• Dynamic panel-data: model structure and assumptions, traditional estimators, IV estimation, difference GMM and system GMM estimations.
• Binary outcome panel-data: probit and tobit estimations.
• Post-estimation: tests for valid inference and comparison of estimators.
We will apply the theoretical content with exercises in Stata.

Outils utilisés durant la formation

Méthodes et familles de méthodes abordées
Regression model
   Logistic regression
   Nonlinear regression

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