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Stata is a very complete statistical software that is used in various fields: economics, sociology, epidemiology etc. It offers many classical and advanced functions: robust estimation methods, survival analysis, time series analysis, epidemiology tables etc. Moreover, it is possible to adapt existing functions or create new ones and share them with the community of Stata users that offers assistance and a lot of resources.

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If you would like more information about the software or if you are looking for a specific reference, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Trainings related to this software :

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Analyse des données de panel avec Stata View training
Data management and analysis using Stata View training
Gestion et analyse de données avec Stata View training
Initiation aux modèles d'équations structurelles (SEM) avec Stata View training
Panel-data Analysis using Stata View training
Panel-data Analysis using Stata (advanced part) View training
Treatment Effect Analysis using Stata View training
Vérification de l’invariance de mesure pour l’analyse de données d’enquête multigroupe View training


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