Simon van Walle is driven by the circular economy and technologies shaping the world of tomorrow. He works as Assistant Manager of the Market Intelligence and Business Research (MIBR) department for the Precious Metals Refining branch of Umicore, the leading global materials technology and recycling group. The main focus of MIBR is to analyze new developments in technology, governmental affairs and consumption habits on a horizon of 5-10 years in order to identify the strategic importance of recycling activities in an economy that is shifting from a linear to an increasingly circular model. It goes without saying that the electronics field is a crucial piece of the puzzle.


Before, Simon has been active as consultant and project manager within the ICT sector on blockchain projects. He is part of the Beltug Blockchain Taskforce, advising for example the Belgian government on the application of blockchain. Amongst others, he also volunteers for Carbon+Alt+Delete, an organization aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of individuals and companies.