Hugues Ferreboeuf, 58, has spent most of his professional career in the information technology sector, including 20 years in senior management positions. He has worked in various environments, such as large companies, high-growth companies and government agencies and has also been an entrepreneur, having created 3 companies.

He is a graduate of École Polytechnique and Telecom ParisTech.

Convinced that we are going through major changes that require decisive and rapid action, he has chosen to use his experience to advise companies and public bodies on how to transform themselves in order to deal with the current digital, energy and societal transitions.

He is a partner in Virtus Management, a management consulting boutique based in Paris and has also joined the think tank The Shift Project (*) since the end of 2016 where he has been leading the Lean ICT project (or how to make the digital transition environmentally friendly).

He is also a conference speaker in France and abroad and a lecturer at Sciences Po.

(*): The purpose of The Shift Project is to enlighten and influence the debate on the energy transition in France and Europe.