Geoffroy Van Humbeeck has a background in Economic Sciences (ULB). His professional career has mainly taken place internationally in Africa and Asia, in large international groups.

After 3 formative years as a consultant and management controller in the logistics and industrial sectors in Belgium and China, Geoffroy held the position of financial manager in an NGO for 1 year in Kinshasa, before taking the management of a customs clearance agency in the port of Matadi for 3 years, managing a team of 20 people there. He was then recruited as managing director of the Katangese subsidiary of a major global player in commodity trading. Geoffroy led a team of 25 people there and managed a company with annual sales of $160 million. Then transferred to Singapore within the same group as "Regional Aviation Manager" for the Asia-Pacific region, he also had under his responsibility a joint venture in Myanmar active in the supply of fuel at Yangon airport. and at 12 other airports across the country.

Following the birth of his daughter, Geoffroy came back in Belgium in 2017 and wanted to capitalize on his acquired experience in order to develop a positive activity for the environment and society. aSmartWorld was then born in July 2018.

Talk objectives: presentation of a concrete project in the domain of sustainable electronics. Emphasis will be placed on what has eased and braked the project development.

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