Password definition/update - UCLouvain Account ?

with your password recovery mail address
This one procedure allows you to
  • activate your global UCLouvain account by defining your password
  • change the password associated to your global UCLouvain account
You have only to use a private email address called recovery mail address
  • as student for this academic year, it is the private email address you gave for the enrolment
  • as alumni among other status (but not student ) with the private email address given in the alumni directory
    so, if you are member of the University staff and alumni, you can follow this procedure
  • as owner of an external account with as contact mail your private email address
  • last, if you changed your recovery mail address, the last one is to be used
If the email address you write in the first step of the procedure permits to retrieve an UCLouvain account, a mail will be sent with the code or a coded link to access to password definition screen
As new student very recently enrolled, your account could not be ready in the UCLouvain directory : you will be asked to retry the procedure on the next day

If there is no private email address associated to your account, the old procedure is still available

If you want to modify your password recovery mail address, follow

If no password recovery mail address is associated to your account, the old methode is still available Activer/Activate ou Gérer/Manage


First step

(re)Start the procedure by encoding your private email address also called password recovery mail address.


A mail will be sent to this address with the code to be used in order to go further with the password update