This page presents a Windows NTLM password cracker that breaks any alphanumerical passwords of length 7 (or less) with a probability 99.97% in 3.5 seconds on average.
The backend server is a single PC that uses Fingerprint Tables, which is a variant developed by Avoine, Bourgeois, and Carpent of the well-known Rainbow Tables. Fingerprint Tables are about twice faster than Rainbow Tables (see here for a technical description).

NTLM password cracker

Enter your hash in the following form. Our server will try to find the corresponding password using Fingerprint Tables. Cracking a password takes 3.5 seconds on average, and up to a minute in the worst case (typically when the password is not found). Longer cracking time may occur when the server is overloaded.

Note that if your password is not found, it means that it is either not alphanumeric, longer than 7 characters, or that it resides in the 0.03% of passwords that are not covered by our tables.

NTLM hash calculator

There are several online tools that can compute the NTLM hash of a password. You can also do it on your own computer by using this script for instance.
We also provide the following form to conveniently compute NTLM hashes.