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Open Positions @ISPGroup

Open Positions

Postdoc in Computer vision, machine learning and image processing:
We are currently looking for Post-Docs with expertise in the fields of Computer vision, machine learning and image processing. Candidates should have spent less than one year in Belgium over the past three years. Please contact christophe.devleeschouwer@uclouvain.be if you are interested

Closed Positions

Research position in "Image Analysis and Computer Vision":
(opened on Feb. 5, 2014) Discipline keywords: image processing, computer vision, machine learning, visual percepts detection and classification.

PostDoc position: "AlterSense: Computational Sensing Strategies for Low-Complexity Signal Models":
Discipline keywords: Non-linear/1bit/Quantized compressive sensing, convex optimization, resource management, hyperspectral imaging, low-power sensor design (The position is open till filled. Starting at the earliest in 2016)

Research position in "Compressed Sensing for Low Power Video Communication":
(opened on Feb. 5, 2014) Discipline keywords: low power video compression, Compressive sensing, data quantization.


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