Image and Signal Processing Seminars

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What are the ISPS?

The Image and Signal Processing Seminars (ISPS) are organized in ELEN/ICTEAM.

They aim at jointly:

  • motivating PhD students to present their research (or another research of interest)
  • inviting external speakers on more specialized topics

Topics of interest

Topics covered in these seminars include (but are not restricted to):

  • signal processing/representation/coding/compression/restoration
  • generalized signals like 1-D, images, video, volume, graph, ...
  • multimodality
  • inverse problem resolution
  • pattern recognition/classification

Time and Location

Generally, the ISP Seminars take place in the:

Shannon seminar room (M-a105)
Building MAXWELL (see the map)
1st floor, place du Levant 3, Louvain-la-Neuve.

If you come by car, we advise you to park in the "Baudouin 1er parking". You'll find a map of the pedestrian path joining this parking to the seminar room here (10' walk).

ISPS Presentation Scheduling

Presentations are scheduled thanks to the alphabetical ordering of its PhD student and postdoc members located in TELE Lab, or any external members willing to join the group by subscribing to the ISPS mailing list.

One week before the presentation: the speaker is invited to provide the title of his/her talk and a short abstract of few lines. He/she can also provide additional material (references, pdf, ...) but this is not mandatory.

After the presentation: It will be asked to each speaker to provide a pdf file (no doc, no ppt, just pdf!) after his/her presentation. This file will be then included here on this site.

More information can be obtained by sending an email to :

  • Laurent Jacques, laurent.jacques _AT_ uclouvain.be

ISPS Mailing List

  • ispg-seminars _AT_ listes.uclouvain.be

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