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(remark: the events below are also reported on the ICTEAM agenda)

ISPS Calendar

Here is the calendar of the next ISP Seminars (TBD, "(title) to be defined").


Previous ISP Seminars

March 29th, Wednesday, 2017, 16h15: (in Shannon Room)
Eliott Brion (iMagX)
"Deep Learning in Medical Imaging"

March 16th, Thursday, 2017, 16h15: (in Shannon Room)
Pierre-Yves Gousenbourger
"Fitting on manifolds with Bézier functions"

March 2nd, 2016, Thursday, 2017, 16h15: (in Nyquist Room!, joint seminar with the DIGICOM group)
François Rottenberg (DIGICOM, ICTEAM, UCL)
"FBMC/OQAM transceivers for 5G mobile communication systems" (slides)

December 8th, Thursday, 2016, 16h15: (invited talk)
Soufiane Belharbi (INSA, Rouen, France),
"Deep learning and structured output problems" (slides)

December 1st, Thursday, 2016, 16h15:
Simon Carbonnelle,
"An Introduction to Deep Learning" (slides)

September 6th, Tuesday, 2016, 11h00: (invited talk)
Alhussein Fawzi (LTS4, EPFL, Switzerland),
"Are classifiers really robust to deformations in the data?"

August 30th, Tuesday, 2016, 11h00: (invited talk)
Dr Jérôme Plumat (University of Auckland, NZ),
"Inner Ear modelling with MRI"

March 11th, Friday, 2016, 10h45: (invited talk)
Prof. Pierre Weiss, ITAV, U. Toulouse, France.
"On the decomposition of blurring operators in wavelet bases"

February 4th, Thursday, 2016, 11h00: (invited talk)
C. Gomez (Ulg),
"Applications of PCA and low-rank plus sparse decompositions in high-contrast Exoplanet imaging" (slides)

November 19th, Thursday, 2015, 14h00: (joint seminar with the DIGICOM group)
Dr Nafiseh Janatian,
"Sensing-based Resource Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks" (slides)

November 5th, Thursday, 2015, 14h00: (joint seminar with the DIGICOM group)
François Rottenberg (DIGICOM, ICTEAM, UCL),
"Pilots allocation for sparse channel estimation in multicarrier systems"

October 15th, Thursday, 2015, 14h00: (joint seminar with the DIGICOM group)
Dr Máximo Morales (DIGICOM, ICTEAM, UCL),
"Blind Interference Alignment for Cellular Networks"

April 29, Wednesday, 2015, 10h45: (invited talk, joint ISP Group and MLG Group seminar)
Romain Hérault (INSA, Rouen, France),
"Learning Deep Neural Network" (slides)

April 1, Wednesday, 2015, 10h45:
Muhammad Arsalan,
"Hyperspectral Unmixing"

December 17, Wednesday, 2014, 10h00: (paper discussion)
Kévin Degraux,
"Analysis prior with redundant dictionaries for Compressed Sensing" (slides)

September 17, Wednesday, 2014, 10h00:
Nicolas Matz (INSA, Toulouse, France),
"Spectral clustering techniques for biological data" (slides)

April 23, Wednesday, 2014, 10h00: (invited talk)
Valerio Cambareri (U. Bologna, Italy),
"Sensing matrix design criteria for adaptive compressed sensing" (slides)

February 19, Wednesday, 2014, 10h00:
Adriana Gonzalez,
"Adaptibility to Improve Convergence" (slides)

November 20, Wednesday, 2013, 10h00:
Jérôme Plumat,
"Collaborative algorithms, bees & NodeJS" (slides)

April Friday 26, 2013, 11h15: (invited talk)
Pawel Jerzy Pankiewicz (AAU, Aalborg, Denmark, homepage),
"Implementation Aspects of the Random Demodulator" (pdf announcement) (slides)

April Wednesday 17, 2013, 14h00: (invited talk)
Dr Fabian Lecron (UMons, homepage),
"Statistical models of the spine with applications in medical image processing" (slides)

March Wednesday 27th, 2013, 14h00:
Adriana Gonzalez,
"A Deconvolution Problem in Astronomy" (slides)

November Friday 30th, 2012, 11h15: (invited talk)
Thomas Arildsen (TPS/DES, Aalborg, Denmark)

"Compressed Sensing in RF Communication and Analog-to-Digital Conversion" (slides)

November Friday 16th, 2012, 14h00:
Maxime Taquet (ELEN/ICTEAM),
"Measuring the brain connectivity" (slides)

October Tuesday 2nd, 2012, 10h45: (invited talk)

Prof. Yannick Boursier (Université Aix-Marseille 2 / ESIL)

"Proximal methods for Poisson Intensity CBCT and PET" (slides)

January Thursday 19, 2012, 15h:
Jonathan Orban de Xivry (group discussion btw PhDs and Seniors)
+ ImagX Presentation by Joachim Giard & Kosta Gaitanis

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