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This basketball dataset was acquired under the Walloon region project DeepSport, using the Keemotion system installed in multiple arenas.

We would like to thanks both Keemotion for letting us use their system for raw image acquisition during live productions, and the LNB for the rights on their images.

Terms of use

This dataset is made available for non-commercial research only under the licence cc-by-nc-sa.

We kindly ask you to mention related publications of the ISPGroup (see bottom of the page) when using this dataset (in publications, video demonstrations...).

Dataset format

The dataset is composed of images file (in '.png' format), and ground-truth files (in '.json' format).

Images: The dataset is composed of pairs of successive images captured in different basketball arenas during professional games. The cameras capture a fixed part of the basketball court and have a resolution between 2Mpx and 5Mpx. The resulting images have a definition varying between 65px/m (furthest point on court in the arena with the lowest resolution cameras) and 265px/m (closest point on court in the arena with the highest resolution cameras). The delay between the two successive images is 40ms.

Ground-truth: Ground-truth is stored in json files as a list of annotations with multiple attributes.

Ball annotations:

- type: "Ball"
- camera: The camera index on which the ball has been annotated (starting at 0)
- position: The (x,y) position of the center of the ball in the image
- visible: A boolean stating if at least half of the ball surface is visible



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