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Title: "Inner Ear modelling with MRI"

Speaker: Dr Jérôme Plumat (University of Auckland, New Zealand) (invited talk)

Location: Shannon Seminar Room, Place du Levant 3, Maxwell Building, 1st floor

Date / Time (duration): Tuesday 30/08/2016, 11h00 (~ 45')

Abstract: The inner ear (IE) is one of the most controlled organ, it is mostly fluid dominated and the barrier between blood and inner compartment is very tight. In this talk we will present recent results to quantify the permeability of the blood labyrinth barrier (BLB) and fluid mechanism parameters using the Dynamic Contrast Enhancement MRI (DCE-MRI). This safe imaging technic helps us to understand the IE, the transferts between blood and inner compartments as well as the propagation inside the cochlea. Also, we are able to estimate the BLB permeability and comparing control with patients with Ménière disease in order to understand more about this IE disorder. DCE-MRI models and methods will be discussed in this particular context.

Also, we will briefly present other MRI modalities (diffusion imaging, etc.) that are also applied into IE understanding (cell death, auditory pathways, …). Finally, we will talk about potential future projects involving stochastic optimisation.

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